Tim The Toolman handyman service Grapevine Texas  home improvement,  computer upgrade & repair, automotive detailing


Located in Colleyville, Texas

Serving Colleyville, Southlake, Grapevine, Keller, North Richland Hills, Westlake, Hurst, Euless, Bedford


If you hear the National Anthem and you don't stand and place your hand over your heart....DO NOT CONTACT ME

If the Pledge of Allegiance is being said and you don't want to say it....DO NOT CONTACT ME



Pricing & Policy


       - $200/hour (1 hour minimum)
       - Each subsequent 1/4 hour is $50
            (as opposed to rounding up a whole hour)
       - 30 minutes minimum for shopping including buying online



I like perfection but I also realize that perfection is expensive so your input is important here.    If you don't want or need it perfect then let me know and we can find a compromise.   I will also offer suggestions for a neutral cost/benefit solution where necessary.  

Estimates can be provided but they are just that.....an estimate.   I have numerous references who will attest to my work ethic and quality of work.   I show up for work when I tell you, work hard until the job is done, and when it's complete I guarantee that you will be satisfied.

If you want me to look at your project beforehand that time will be added to the bill because it is time spent finding a solution.   If you want to email or text photos I would be happy to look at them and try to find a solution at no charge.

Time to go to the store to get a tool that I should have to get the job done (e.g. ladder or pipe wrench) will not be charged to you.  This assumes we have discussed all of your projects prior to starting the work.  If you added a project to your "to-do" list without telling me and I have to go get a tool for the job then I will add that time.

Time to go to the store to buy supplies on your behalf will be charged to you.  If you know exactly what you need in advance and ask me to get it before showing up for work, I will add an additional 30 minutes minimum to the final bill as opposed to showing up at the worksite, then driving back to the store with the clock running.   

Cleanup (tools and any mess) will also be charged.   Be sure and stop me from sweeping or cleaning up debris if that is something you would rather do.

I don't take a break to eat lunch since I usually eat a sandwich and am able to grab a bite while working.  I don't smoke so there won't be smoke breaks.

I rarely answer the phone while on the job.  This policy is out of respect for the customer I'm currently working for.   Exceptions are my family and other customers scheduled that day or if I'm able to continue work e.g. painting while talking.

To aid in scheduling, I can work without anyone home and this is becoming a popular practice.   If you are a new customer and were not referred by another customer then I understand your apprehension.  References are available.